Review : Bennington C600 Multipoint Water Heater

We have been happy users of the Bennington C600 since we moved into Punggol Lodge.

I shall not go into the storage heater vs electric heater debate. This review is based on our experience with our unit – both of us have never used a storage heater before.

The C600 was one of the first items we had installed in our place.

As mentioned before, one of the things that HDB got right in the design of new flats is the system of connected pipes which gives you hot and cold water mixers for the bathrooms. Of course some might argue why not have mixers for the kitchen taps too but honestly I personally think it unnecessary.

For those of you new to bathroom talk, mixers are just those taps that can go from hot to cold.

The concealed pipes are also a nice touch. Which brings me to the first advantage of electric heaters – their small size. Countless house owners have regretted getting storage heaters. If you do consider those, make sure you and your plumber are on the same page. A storage heater that is too big might have to be installed out in the service yard. This would mean less space in the yard and additional piping. Either way also make sure the pipes that are connected are done with minimal bends and length. It’s usual (usual may not necessarily be best) practice for sub-cons, in this case the plumber, to mount the heater first and then figure out the pipes. This point applies to both storage and electrical heaters, arguably more for the former than the latter.

Another consideration for all heaters would be the speed the water flowing from your shower turns hot from the moment you turn the tap on. It takes a good 50 seconds on average before you get hot water in the shower. However keep in mind a large portion of the wait is for the heated water to travel through the pipes before reaching the shower head.

Overall I would recommend this water heater to any BTO owners out there. It functions well and so far I have had no problems since my installation last November, a period of a year. It’s small size and neat installation is a definite plus.

*This is not a sponsored post.*

+ small size
+ suitable for small families
+ short wait for hot water

– a perfect heater would have instant hot water on demand



21 thoughts on “Review : Bennington C600 Multipoint Water Heater

  1. Hi, i’m interested in this product but my wife isn’t to keen as it’s not as well known as Joven. As of now, do you have any regret?

    1. Hi William, I can understand your concerns. I cannot vouch for the brand but even till today, I personally have not had any problems with my unit.

      Hope that helps!

  2. hi there, I read that you have used the bennington multipoint water heater for about 2 years now. do you encounter any problems till now? any issues? tks
    we are also interested in the product. considering between bennington, europace & joven.

    1. Happy to report the bennington is still going strong. No issues, it takes about 20s before the hot water flows but that is because it needs to travel from the heater through the pipes to my shower and sink taps. I cannot vouch for other heater brands but from my experience, I am glad and happy with my purchase – no regrets.

      1. Thank you for ur reply. Can i also ask is there a switch for u to turn on n off the benington heater? Or is it always on?

        If there was a switch, can i know where is it?


      2. Sorry for the late response. I connected it to the heater switch in the common bathroom. Once that switch is on, both bathrooms get hot water. The heater switch in the master bedroom bathroom is unused. Hope that helps!

  3. Hi, is your Benningon hearter paired up with rain shower set or normal shower head?
    Was wondering whether it can still provide sufficient pressure if I were to install a rain shower.

    1. Hmm I can’t comment on that – I am just using a normal shower head. You might want to have your contractor test the water pressure against the minimum recommended for a rain shower set. To be safe, you can consider adding a external pressure booster before the shower mains. It could be quite an expensive endeavour though – hopefully won’t come to that!

  4. Hi I’m also interested to get bennington c600. Heard that the electricity bill is very high for multipoint heater compared to instant or storage heaters. Wonder what’s your experience with the monthly cost so far?

    1. Well our bills do not separate according to appliances (wouldn’t that be great though) but we use the heater every day and our bills are less than $100 every month for 2 people.
      That amount is for 2 people with the heater, fridge, tvs, laptops and fans every day. Washing machine and aircon about 2x.
      Honestly speaking from my experience, the appliance that really impacts my SP bill is the washing machine.

  5. Hi, is you bennington instant heater still going strong? Is there any qwerks? And also did you do any maintenance?

    Sorry for asking so many questions.

    1. No worries Xavier. We had to call Bennington once for repairs 😦 however they were quick to respond and reasonable charge for replacement. Since then it’s back to business. We have been happy with the heater and no regrets.

      1. Hi friend.

        Can you tell how much is the cost for the installation? Pls get back to me thanks..

      2. Hi Rasip. The multipoint is able to heat up both toilets. The only inconvenience in my case is that I have to switch on the heater from the guest bathroom as the heater is located there.

        Hmmm BTW you guys know I am not the official rep of Bennington right? Hahah they should really pay me commission though. I am just sharing my experience with my Bennington unit.

  6. I had my Bennington C600 since last when I renovated my home. But today, it just died off while I was having a shower.

    What happened was I heard as if something dropped on the floor. At first, I thought it was my soap dispenser. But when I checked that it was fine I looked up at my Bennington unit.

    The light indicators were off then I felt a sudden surge of hot water pouring out of the tap and shower head. So I knew something was wrong.

    My first instinct was to turn off my external switch lest the risk of electric shock.

    Then after my shower I tried turning on the switch again. The light on my switch was fine but there was nothing on the heater. And when I turned the tap there was no hot water.

    So I suspect it must be the internal circuitry that is damaged or something.

    Personally, I have no issues with the Bennington ad I believe it might just be a wear-and-tear issue. But it is frustrating to go home and not being able to have a warm bath.

  7. Hi

    Can i check with you guys. If i fix one bennington C600 multi point. Is it both toilet can link the hot water. Pls get back to me thank you.

  8. Yes, Could anyone who has used the Bennington Water Heater suggest their contractors/installers. It would help as I am going to buy online and needed a installer. TQ in advance.
    My email –

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