About Us

We are two people passionate about special education and built careers around a community to better support our students with disabilities. We both started out as teachers in a special school.

Sidah is a Special Education professional who specializes in children with Autism. With her keen interest in art, she is currently developing talents of students with disabilities. Their works have been commissioned for ministers, academics and art collectors. As a creative, the self-taught artist has held visual arts and photography exhibitions in locations such as at the Esplanade and LASELLE. With her camera, she travels the world to capture the beauty, culture and architecture of different countries

Hafiizh is a dreamer. After years of teaching and leading special education programs, he now develops curriculum materials for a special school. His real passion is in graphic novels, movies and videography. He channels this energy into creating content, such as this blog and videography. His money goes into saving and investing, and spending some of that money to travel and perhaps setting up a social enterprise someday.


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